Vanessens offers the latest trends of Hair Extensions & stays on top of the new emerging trends. We will take time to understand your expectations, and go over options that best suit your lifestyle.

VoMor Hair Extensions*

every 6-8 weeks
*Consultation and 50% deposit is required on 3 box applications. Hair may be reconditioned 2-3 times depending on at home care.


Invisible bead extensions (IBE) utilized a flexible, beaded foundation to create natural movement, flow, and comfort. Our expert artists will stitch the hair into this beaded foundation in such a way to hide the attachment points to your natural hair completely.

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Pricing Will vary depending on how much hair is needed length etc. so I will need to see your hair and what you’re looking for To give you a better estimate. Here below are some general estimations of pricing based on length adding fullness to your hair. I will send you more of an exact quote after you sent over this application and I can see your hair goals.


(2-3 rows) pricing will generally be in these ranges below..

14″ HAIR- $1,200-$1,400, and up to $1,700 for thicker hair or hair with a lot of layers.

18″ HAIR- $1,600-$1,900, and up to $2,400 for thicker hair or hair with a lot of layers.

22″ HAIR- $1,800-$2,300, and up to $2,800 for thicker or hair with a lot of layers.


(1 row) pricing will be generally in these ranges below…

14″ HAIR- $600-$800

18″ HAIR- $800-$1,100 for 18″

22″ HAIR- $900-$1,250 for 22″

Pricing May vary person to person and can sometimes be more or less than these prices, but this is an average estimate.

This investment covers the Hair Extensions, seamless color on the extensions, cut and styling.

You would first come in for an in situ consultation where I can see your hair and make sure the extensions will be a good fit for you. I will then do a color match and then take some photos of your hair color as I will custom color the extensions to match your hair before your extension appointment for the perfect blend. Color to your natural hair is not included in the pricing for the extensions color service is separate from the pricing listed above.

There will be a $500 nonrefundable retainer due at your consultation to book your extensions appointment. This retainer will be put towards your final balance which is due the day of service.


For any returning clients you can except the following:

-move up the hair extensions is required every 6 to 10 weeks

-Replace the hair extensions with brand new hair approximately every 8 to 11 months for blondes and for brunettes 10 to 13 months. The better you take care of your hair the longer will last! If you don’t take care of your hair, it may need to be replaced sooner than this time frame.

-Some choose to refresh some of their hair sooner than later, and this comes with additional investment, per weft.

-I usually move up ranges between $140 to $420. Color to your own hair or the extensions will be an additional cost. $140 (1 row) $280 (2 row) $420 (3 row)

-If your hair is not maintained in between appointments combed or conditionally properly braided or in a bun while sleeping etc. and if any marine occurs there will be an early charge for removing matting. Please note that this is going to cause damage to your natural hair and your extension hair so please take care of your hair so you don’t have an issue! Extensions do require extra care so keep that in mind while booking pricing is $100 per hour to move any matting/tangling.

*All pricing is subject to change

Thank you for your time in filling out this form! The quote I’ll be giving you will include 100% Human Hair Extensions, seamless hair color to the extensions, application, blending cut, & styling of finished look. Your initial appointment includes the purchasing of the hair. A maintenance appointment following 6-10 weeks will be a percentage of this initial price. Your Hair extension life’s span will depend on the care and take home products you will do in order to protect your investment from 6-12 months.

IBE ® Hair Extension Form

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    Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, png, pdf, Max. file size: 2 MB, Max. files: 4.
      A $500 nonrefundable retainer is required to book with our artists. This $500 will be taken off the day of your install appointment(Required)
      Initial extensions pricing can range from $700-$3000 depending on the desired length and thickness of clients natural hair length and destiny.(Required)
      Move up appointments are required every 6 to 10 weeks this will vary depending on your hair type a price ranging is from 140 to 420 depending on how many rows are needed.(Required)
      Currently our IBE® Hair Extension Artist is only available Monday through Thursday and one Saturday a month timeframe usually is starting 9 AM and only two evenings available at 8 PM. All new extension install appointments range from 4 to 6 hours. Our IBE® Hair Extension Artist does not work Fridays or Sundays, and only one Saturday a month will be available.(Required)
      Sit in my chair and get the hair you’ve always dreamed of having full knowledge of the financial commitments to obtain and maintain your hair extensions are you prepared to make the financial investment necessary to get that DREAM hair!(Required)
      Having full knowledge of the financial commitment to obtain & maintain your Invisible Bead Extensions ® Hair Extensions are you prepared to make the financial investment to sit in my chair & get the IBE ® Experience!?(Required)